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We are all fond of Tea, are you also fond of Tea, If you are also fond of tea, then let’s know and understand why we are so fond of Tea. Early Morning First thing that comes into your mind after getting out of the bed is – A Garma-Garam Chai. In India, it is a sentiment of People. “Ek Cup Chai Ho Jaaye” literally the solutions are every situation. Chai is an addicted thing, Everyone’s Love tea in every sip! Tea is drunk on certain occasions. Like Headache, fatigue, love, hard work, arranged Marriage. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a cup of tea, sip it, and just relate.

Here Are Best tea history, Tea Quotes, Tea Captions, Benefits of Tea, Chai Shayari, Chai Status, Chai Quotes,  Chai Caption for Chai Lover. I hope you like it. If you are like it then share my site with your friends and family.

Chai Ke Shaukeen It means Tea Lovers, Chai Lovers.

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